What are the Assets to Living in Burton?

When asked to indicate how they felt about  life in the Burton/Swan Creek area, attendees at the first public meeting sponsored by the Burton Area citizen’s Group (BACA) came up with the following summaries. These outline what they like, where they see problems, what they would like to preserve and what they want to see improved. 

What are the assets to living in Burton/Swan Creek?

  • Country living/quality of life
  • Saint John River
  • A local convenience store
  • A local primary school
  • Close to a municipality with services
  • Lion’s Club/Centre
  • Access to walking trail
  • Great people
  • Low traffic volume (but growing)
  • Property values
  • Day/night lights in some locations
  • Small town atmosphere
  • Lots of land
  • Relatively safe
  • Many small businesses
  • Duck’s Unlimited Protected areas
  • Safe subdivision streets for kids to play
  • Land/housing prices reasonable
  • Not restricted by rural covenants
  • Special Care Home
  • Gilbert Farm with apples and strawberries
  • Scenery is beautiful

What are the challenges to living Burton/Swan Creek?  

  • Ditches need re grading (water back ups)
  • Water drainage issues (ice build ups)
  • Planning concerns for development
  • Security issues (trespassing)
  • Development bringing conflicts (e.g. transportation)
  • Four wheelers on streets, excessive speeds
  • Keeping the school
  • Low visibility policing
  • Lack of volunteers
  • Passing lane (dangerous for residents)
  • Ridiculous property values
  • Roads in rough shape (Swan Creek)
  • Speeding on 102 and in subdivisions
  • Poor hi speed internet service in Swan Creek
  • Acknowledging the youth and the seniors in the community.
  • Snow removal on side streets (some improvement since MRDC took over)
  • Safety for kids/bikes
  • Signage for access to Trans Canada trail
  • Only two ways into Burton
  • Not enough facilities or activities for youth
  • Unleashed dogs for walkers in subdivision
  • No one scoops dog feces
  • Garbage thrown from cars
  • Lack of recreational services
  • Access to services
  • Transportation for seniors
  • Building and maintaining community spirit
  • Watching for neighbours due to distance
  • Lack of central information for contacts
  • Access to the river
  • Vehicle based community –environment and health issues when people have to drive everywhere
  • Transient population
  • Keeping tax rate low 

What is here that you would like to see enhanced or renewed??  

  • Police presence
  • Sign to identify where Burton is
  • Renew Neighbourhood Watch
  • Community picnics
  • River access for swimming/boating
  • Support for the Lion’s Club/Centre
  • Sign for Lions’ Centre at the BurtonBridge as well as out front,
  • Enhance the walking trail
  • Community involvement
  • Communication and public relations
  • Initiating local festivals around local assets.(e.g. apples, strawberries)
  • Rte. 102 Swan Creek repaired
  • Hi speed internet for Swan Creek
  • Allow people to volunteer with the Lions’ Centre without having to become a
  • member.
  • More frequent recycling pick ups and recycle glass
  • Another entrance to Burton
  • The school
  • More frequent recycling pickups  

What is missing that you would like to see initiated or brought here?  

  • Basketball court
  • Beer store
  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Boat ramp
  • Improved sewer system for Burton trailer park
  • Stop free running dogs
  • Local events/groups for classes in an interest using local talent
  • Card parties
  • Gardening club
  • Website with services offered
  • Grass cutting/snowblowing services offered
  • Access to trails
  • Clinics, flu shots, senior clinic, vet services
  • Community volunteer list
  • Development planning
  • Street lights in congested areas for traffic safety, pedestrian safety
  • Youth recreational opportunities, formal and informal
  • Park facility

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This is a site for on passing information relating to local government and local development in the community of Burton, NB, Canada
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