April 18th, 2011 BACA Meeting

Attendees: Weldon Moore, Richard Morin, Wendy Kennedy, Katie Pettie, Catherine Bettle, Mary Mesheau, Margaret Grantor and John Hardie

Burton School – Mary met with David McTimoney (Superintendent at School District 17) to discuss the BurtonSchool consultation process.  Meeting to be held May 17th and Mary will attend.  See handout from meeting.

Issues for follow-up from BACA public meeting:

                       Trails (Weldon) Trails NB Executive Director is working on the Fredericton to Gagetown route.  Problem area in Coytown.  Some people purchased the land along the trail.  To work with NB Trails you have to join their organization for an annual fee.  This gets you under their liability insurance.  Available to do presentation.

Many walkers/bikers would also like to use a trail system.

                       Email from Darin that some issues may need to be forwarded to Government Departments.

                       A comparison should be made between the BACA list of issues from the public meeting to the list of issues from the Rural Plan Committee meeting.

                       Recycling Ask Fredericton Solid Waste Commission about twice monthly pick-up.  Is there an additional cost involved and how much is it?  Catherine to follow-up.

                       Road Repairs Just before Burpees turn to just where Route 102 is adjacent to the Trans Canada Highway.  Margaret indicated this will be undertaken in the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

                       Unleashed dogs – Advise members that the SPCA provides dog catcher services and thats who they should call.  Mary to send email.

                       Communication and Public Relations Mary will draft newsletter on behalf of the Burtons Lions Club.  Could also put the number to call for concerns related to unleashed dogs.

                       Lions Club Sign Margaret indicated the Lions Club would be applying for a grant.  Mary will draft letter on behalf of BACA asking local businesses for donations toward a sign.  Next breakfast is May 7th for BurtonSchool. 

Vote held (unanimous) in support for Mary to draft letter to send to local businesses.


Other business:

                       AGM Need to do Constitution.  Thats where people have opportunity to identify that they want to put their name forward for nomination as director.  If there are more names put forward than is allowed under the Constitution then there would need to be a vote.  All directors in attendance agreed to let their names stand.   Mary will contact those directors not in attendance to confirm they want to let their names stand and will send an email to general members to see if anyone wants to put their name forward.


-Mary will forward Constitution to all members.

-AGM scheduled for May 30th, 2011.


                       Regional Services Delivery Consultation Meeting April 27th, 2011


11. Incorporation application has been submitted.


12.  Rural Plan Committee Meeting May 19th, 2011.



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This is a site for on passing information relating to local government and local development in the community of Burton, NB, Canada
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